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 PlayerClubMatchesSorted descending. Click again to sort ascending.Points
1 Islam, TahmidStrathfield Cricket Club3278.00
2 Riaz, AsfarAuburn District Cricket Club3265.00
3 Lenehan, DanielRoseville Cricket Club3258.00
4 McKeough, MichaelEpping Bulls Cricket Club3257.00
5 Seymour, MarcBurwood Briars Cricket Club3242.00
6 Webster, Nathan JMacquarie University Cricket Club3231.00
7 Donovan, Andrew MStrathfield Cricket Club3213.00
8 Coyte, AdamMount Pritchard-Southern Districts2191.00
9 Lucey, Rick JMount Pritchard-Southern Districts2190.00
10 O'Hare, LiamLane Cove Cricket Club3187.00
11 Bull, Wayne DMount Pritchard-Southern Districts2186.00
12 Cheney, CurtisGeorges River Cricket Club3182.00
13 Blaszczyk, SebBurwood Briars Cricket Club3175.00
14 Fitzpatrick, Alastair ARoseville Cricket Club2174.00
15 Maguire, BradMount Pritchard-Southern Districts2172.00
16 Stuart, KarlEpping Bulls Cricket Club3166.00
17 Gubbay, MattRoseville Cricket Club2160.00
18 Scarcella, JoeLane Cove Cricket Club3153.00
19 Dalal, AjayBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club3149.00
20 Bennett, Chris MPennant Hills Cricket Club 2146.00
21 Kovacic, JackBurwood Briars Cricket Club3145.00
22 Muralietharan, KeishavEpping Bulls Cricket Club3144.00
23 Dhillon, GaganPennant Hills Cricket Club 3143.00
24 Haider, ArfanBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club3139.00
25 Carew, Dayle HGeorges River Cricket Club3139.00
26 Singh Chalal, HarpreetBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club3138.00
27 Wright, Brenton JMount Pritchard-Southern Districts2136.00
28 Steffan, ChristopherEpping Bulls Cricket Club3134.00
29 Kennedy, PatrickGeorges River Cricket Club2133.00
30 Ahmed, DanishAuburn District Cricket Club3132.00
31 Thomas, OliverRoseville Cricket Club2127.00
32 Vella, BenGeorges River Cricket Club3125.00
33 Moffat, JesseWarringah Cricket Club3122.00
34 Dodds, MaxLane Cove Cricket Club3122.00
35 Premkumar, Ashwin MMacquarie University Cricket Club3121.00
36 Burcham, RhyddRoseville Cricket Club2121.00
37 Sweeney, WillRoseville Cricket Club3120.00
38 Rahman, TanzeelurStrathfield Cricket Club3120.00
39 Daniels, Alex NNorth West Sydney Cricket Club3118.00
40 Nardo, SimonBurwood Briars Cricket Club3118.00
41 Bursa, MatthewAuburn District Cricket Club3116.00
42 Lamba, RajanAuburn District Cricket Club3114.00
43 Thomas, HarryBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club3107.00
44 Squire, MaxBurwood Briars Cricket Club2105.00
45 Gordon, Jarryd AAuburn District Cricket Club3104.00
46 Beadle, CosikanPennant Hills Cricket Club 2103.00
47 Wilson, NicolasEpping Bulls Cricket Club3102.00
48 Chapman, Henry WLindfield Cricket Club2102.00
49 Carter, CharlieMacquarie University Cricket Club3102.00
50 Nirmalendran, PirenuLane Cove Cricket Club3102.00
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Total Records: 210   Page: 1 of 5   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5]>Next
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Points allocation
Runs 1.00 Catches 10.00
Unassisted Wickets (b, lbw) 20.00 Assisted Wickets 15.00
Unassisted Runouts 10.00 Assisted Runouts 5.00
100s 25.00 50s 5.00
Stumpings 15.00 5 wkts in Innings 25.00
Not outs 0.00