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Days Played Report

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This report is only available for the current season.

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PlayerClubFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFrank Gray ShieldFifth GradeFirst GradeSecond GradeThird GradeFourth GradeFrank Gray ShieldFifth Grade
Abbas, MuhammadMacquarie University Cricket Club01700000170000
Abboud, PeterAuburn District Cricket Club000003000003
Abdullah, CheemaAuburn District Cricket Club090000090000
Abdullah, KhubaibAuburn District Cricket Club000004000004
Abdullah, ShahriarAuburn District Cricket Club00000120000012
Abrahamian, MatthewStrathfield Cricket Club004000004000
Abubakr, Mohammad IAuburn District Cricket Club00021000002100
Acharya, SandeshStrathfield Cricket Club070000070000
Adhikari, ShashwatLane Cove Cricket Club00000100000010
Adnan, AsifStrathfield Cricket Club21600002160000
Adya, AkshatMacquarie University Cricket Club04151610415161
Afridi, Muhammad NMacquarie University Cricket Club01900000190000
Aftab, UsmanMacquarie University Cricket Club00020100002010
Ahamed, PervezAuburn District Cricket Club000402000402
Ahmad, ShafiqueMacquarie University Cricket Club400000400000
Ahmed, DanishMacquarie University Cricket Club21000002100000
Ahmed, HunainMacquarie University Cricket Club00160000016000
Ahmed, KaoserBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club22000002200000
Ahmed, MohsinMount Pritchard-Southern Districts00018000001800
AHMED, SultanPennant Hills Cricket Club010000010000
AHSAN, AbdulBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club00013000001300
Ajani, HaniGeorges River Cricket Club00000170000017
Ajineh, AmirAuburn District Cricket Club00710200071020
Akbar, Khalid NMount Pritchard-Southern Districts00022000002200
Akram, Al Rafi RBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club020000020000
Alam, Muhammad hMount Pritchard-Southern Districts00017000001700
Alam, SufyanMount Pritchard-Southern Districts000200000200
Alchin, JaydenMacquarie University Cricket Club700000700000
Alesci, AdamGeorges River Cricket Club000003000003
Alexander, IsaacRoseville Cricket Club00000160000016
Alexander, RubenPennant Hills Cricket Club000001000001
Aley, Stuart CGeorges River Cricket Club02200000220000
Ali, AliGeorges River Cricket Club00210000021000
Ali, ImranNorth West Sydney Cricket Club000006000006
Ali, MuhammadAuburn District Cricket Club10400001040000
Ali, Muhammad YAuburn District Cricket Club22200002220000
Ali, NoumanMacquarie University Cricket Club20000002000000
Ali, OwaisMount Pritchard-Southern Districts940000940000
ali, qasimMount Pritchard-Southern Districts00021000002100
Ali, ZamanAuburn District Cricket Club000206000206
Allen, SimonLane Cove Cricket Club00020140002014
Altham, LukeBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club061000061000
Alwani, Zain -North West Sydney Cricket Club00000100000010
Amin, Dhaval AStrathfield Cricket Club00018070001807
Andonopoulos, PeterGeorges River Cricket Club054800054800
Andrews, LloydBurwood Briars Cricket Club00020000002000
APPS, LachlanNorth West Sydney Cricket Club000001000001
Arakelian, RickLindfield Cricket Club000207000207
Arif, UmairMacquarie University Cricket Club000003000003
Armytage, JoshEpping Bulls Cricket Club00713000071300