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Match Format 

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1 Lenehan, DanielRoseville Cricket Club12120011
2 Donovan, Andrew MStrathfield Cricket Club13110001
3 Seymour, MarcBurwood Briars Cricket Club13110000
4 Naughton, DamianLane Cove Cricket Club14100001
5 Squire, MaxBurwood Briars Cricket Club1290000
6 Rezek, AdamLindfield Cricket Club1291000
7 Wilson, NicolasEpping Bulls Cricket Club1280000
8 Cleasby, ShaunNorth West Sydney Cricket Club1380000
9 Sweeney, WillRoseville Cricket Club1180010
10 Blaszczyk, SebBurwood Briars Cricket Club1285000
11 Croom, Ryan JGeorges River Cricket Club1080000
12 Donovan, PaulStrathfield Cricket Club780000
13 Stuart, KarlEpping Bulls Cricket Club1270000
14 Patel, Jesal NNorth West Sydney Cricket Club970000
15 Lomax, MattLindfield Cricket Club1070000
16 Galek, Edward JLane Cove Cricket Club1370000
17 Hulton-Harrop, JamesEpping Bulls Cricket Club1370000
18 Malik, ZenLane Cove Cricket Club1270000
19 McKeough, MichaelEpping Bulls Cricket Club1170010
20 Rajah, TristanWarringah Cricket Club1070001
21 Nardo, SimonBurwood Briars Cricket Club1271000
22 O'Connor, Lachlan JMount Pritchard-Southern Districts1370000
23 Muralietharan, KeishavEpping Bulls Cricket Club1360010
24 Islam, TahmidStrathfield Cricket Club1560010
25 Gordon, Jarryd AAuburn District Cricket Club1360000
26 Reynolds, SeanStrathfield Cricket Club1460000
27 Vella, BenGeorges River Cricket Club1360010
28 Sultan, SayemStrathfield Cricket Club1460010
29 O'Hare, LiamLane Cove Cricket Club1560000
30 Mahn, AndrewWarringah Cricket Club1160000
31 Clifford, TimRoseville Cricket Club750000
32 Daniels, Alex NNorth West Sydney Cricket Club1251101
33 Hudson, Brett JBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club1350001
34 Cornelius, AlecLane Cove Cricket Club1450010
35 Kennedy, PatrickGeorges River Cricket Club1150010
36 Ali, NoumanBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club1250000
37 Rupert, CraigWarringah Cricket Club1150000
38 Wright, Brenton JMount Pritchard-Southern Districts1550000
39 Kirton, PatrickBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club1054000
40 Townsend, JackStrathfield Cricket Club1250000
41 Rixon, JarrodLane Cove Cricket Club1450003
42 Maguire, BradMount Pritchard-Southern Districts1550000
43 Newman, Gareth GWarringah Cricket Club1350000
44 Lane, ShannonGeorges River Cricket Club1150000
45 Wotton, Samuel JStrathfield Cricket Club1450001
46 Carter, CharlieMacquarie University Cricket Club1251000
47 Rose, TimBurwood Briars Cricket Club550000
48 Muggeridge, JamesBalmain South Sydney Cricket Club1150000
49 Pargeter, ShaneGeorges River Cricket Club1150001
50 Van den Nieuwenhof, BenBurwood Briars Cricket Club1350000
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Total Records: 315   Page: 1 of 7   Go to:Prev   <[1 2 3 4 5 6 7]>Next
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MAT Number of matches played - not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (eg abandoned matches)
CATCHES NON WK Catches taken as non wicket-keeper (ie as a fielder).
CATCHES WK Catches taken as wicket-keeper.
STUMPINGS Number of stumpings.
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of assisted run outs (ie assisted by another fielder).
RUNOUTS ASSISTED Number of unassisted run outs.