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1170 Ahsan Ul-Haq - Amanjyot Singh North West Sydney Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Auburn
2181 Ahsan Ul-Haq - Hasindu Sellahewa North West Sydney Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Pennant Hills
3163 Diren Reddy - Matthew Roper Burwood Briars Cricket ClubFrank Gray Shield1 1 Balmain South Sydney
4126 Akshay Nichkawde - Billy McCarthy Epping Bulls Cricket ClubFirst Grade4 1 Roseville
4126 Sam Barnett - Kevin Davies Warringah Cricket ClubFourth Grade3 1 Pennant Hills
5222 Nick Govers - Brenton Wright Burwood Briars Cricket ClubFirst Grade5 1 Balmain South Sydney
6117 Stephen Matheson - Peter Blood Lane Cove Cricket ClubSecond Grade5 1 Roseville
7128 Parin Sheth - Punjan Trivedi Auburn District Cricket ClubFourth Grade2 1 Strathfield
8108 Naji Haider - Aman Dhingra Balmain South Sydney Cricket ClubThird Grade6 1 Warringah
982 Zach Zreika - Cameron Bezer Lane Cove Cricket ClubFourth Grade2 1 Pennant Hills
10623 Anmol Venkatesh - Tyler Smith North West Sydney Cricket ClubFourth Grade5 1 Mt Pritchard-Southern Districts

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