Cricket is a game that owes much of its unique appeal to the fact that it should be played not only within its Laws but also within the Spirit of the Game. The Spirit of Cricket includes respect for opponents, umpires and the game’s traditional values, and emphasises the role of team captains in upholding the game’s values. In every match played, umpires assess each team’s performance in terms of the Spirit of Cricket and this Award is presented to acknowledge the club that has been deemed to have best upheld those values.
Season Club Points Ave.
2018/19 North West Sydney 7.82
2017/18 Macquarie Uni 7.53
2016/17 Warringah 7.52
2015/16 Lindfield 7.49
2014/15 Warringah 7.72
2013/14 Epping 7.47
2012/13 Warringah 7.28
2011/12 Lane Cove 7.52
2010/11 Warringah 7.51
2009/10 Lane Cove 2.82
2008/09 Lane Cove 2.82
2007/08 Lane Cove 2.82
2006/07 Warringah 2.59
2005/06 Epping 2.31
2004/05 Warringah 2.26
2003/04 Burwood Briars n/a