Shires Spirit of Cricket & Ground of the Year Awards 2019/20
Date of Event Sydney Shires Competition: Mon May 11, 2020 6:50PM

Spirit of Cricket

The Spirit of Cricket award was established to encourage cricketers at all levels to play the game within the Laws and the Spirit of the Game. In the Shires competition, officiating umpires assessed every team in every match, on its support for the Spirit of Cricket’s values


This season Warringah have won the Spirit of Cricket Award for the seventh time since the award was first presented in 2003/04. Warringah attained an average mark of 7.74 across all grades. Epping finished in second position on 7.68 with North West Sydney in third position.


Leading Clubs

  1. Warringah - 7.74 points average
  2. Epping - 7.68
  3. North West Sydney - 7.67
  4. Burwood Briars - 7.60
  5. Roseville - 7.46
  6. Lane Cove - 7.39


Ground of the Year

The Ground of the Year award is made to acknowledge the important contribution of ground staff to the success of the Shires competition, with officiating umpires assessing every ground on every match day during the season to which they have been appointed.


This season’s Shires Ground of the Year is Georges River’s Bexley Oval. Congratulations to Bexley Oval’s Groundsmen Trent Malley who was able to attain an average mark of 8.54 throughout the season.


Leading Grounds

  1. Bexley Oval - 8.54 points average
  2. Rothwell Park - 8.39
  3. Tantallon Oval - 8.05
  4. Airey Park - 7.93
  5. Roseville Chase - 7.52

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