Shires Captains of the Year
Date of Event Sydney Shires Competition: Tue May 12, 2020 6:58PM

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the annual Sydney Shires Premiers Dinner had to be cancelled for the 2019/20 season. All major Individual and Team Award winners were announced via social media to recognize those players and teams that had exceptional performances throughout the season.


The Captain of the Year awards are made in order to recognise the important role that team Captains play in the success of the competition, with officiating umpires assessing every team captain on every match day during the season.


The following players were awarded the Captain of the Year award for their respective grades –


First Grade: Damian Naughton (Lane Cove)

During the season Damian attained an average mark of 8.00 as he led his team to Second Position on the First-Grade ladder as well as scoring 545 runs during season.


Leading First Grade Captains

  1. Damian Naughton (Lane Cove) – 8.00 average
  2. Ryan Croom (Georges River) – 7.82
  3. Tahmidul Islam (Balmain South Sydney) – 7.67
  4. Tristan Rajah (Warringah) – 7.58
  5. Max Squire (Burwood Briars) – 7.54


Second Grade: Brad Sculley (Burwood Briars)

During the season Brad attained an average mark of 7.82 as he led his team to Third Position on the Second-Grade ladder.


Leading Second Grade Captains

  1. Brad Sculley (Burwood Briars) – 7.82 average
  2. Brett Hudson (Balmain South Sydney) – 7.55
  3. Ben Saunders (Georges River) – 7.54
  4. John Biviano (Roseville) – 7.38
  5. Patrick Balzen (Epping) – 7.08


Third Grade: Mohamed Dewji (Auburn)

During the season Mohamed attained an average mark of 8.20 as he led his team to a Fifth Placed Position on the Third-Grade ladder as well as taking 40 wickets during the season.


Leading Third Grade Captains

  1. Mohamed Dewji (Auburn) – 8.20 average
  2. Paul Simpson (Burwood Briars) – 7.73
  3. Samuel Greaves (Lane Cove) – 7.69
  4. Charudatt Shirwadkar (Mt Pritchard-Sthn Dist) – 7.64
  5. Richard High (Roseville) – 7.63


Fourth Grade: Kevin Davies (Warringah)

During the season Kevin attained an average mark of 8.20 as he led his team to Third Position on the Fourth-Grade ladder. Kevin took out this same award last season.


Leading Fourth Grade Captains

  1. Kevin Davies (Warringah) – 8.20 average
  2. Dylan Frangos (Balmain South Sydney) – 8.08
  3. Khalid Akbar (Mt Pritchard-Sthn Dist) – 7.83
  4. Mohammad Abubakr (Auburn) – 7.82
  5. Murray Stanton (Georges River) – 7.82

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